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Once upon a time... a long, long time ago... in a land far away... was born. The land was known as cyberspace. The road to take you there -- the information superhighway.

Two strange strangers bumped packets together. They thought conducting a spirit experiment might be a fun thing to do. Before you knew it, all sorts-of strangers were bumping packets together. The kingdom grew.

What started out as a spirit experiment ended up taking on a form of its own. As the experiment initiated at the dawning of the world wide web, one of the strangers took on the role as a pioneer webmaster. Since there was no one to rule over, the first webmaster called himself webdrone. Another of the strangers was like Merlin... a magical scientist. They agreed to work together. The servants set out to build a web server.

Without ever seeing each other, nor hearing each other's voice, the scientist guided the webdrone through the process of building a linux based webserver. Eventually, it came time for the servants to name their server.

Linux Maxcot, Tux The Penguin Having never spoken, the foolish webdrone didn't even know how to pronounce linux... and thought it was lion-ex. So, he suggested to name it as a linux godess, "Lionesse." The wise scientist thought the webdrone meant to name it after the land Guinevere hailed from, "Lyonesse."

... and, their first server was born.

Soon, the servers multiplied like bunny rabbits. For whatever reason, the naming stayed on the theme and brought forth servers such as Ygraine, Lancelot, Mordred, Gawain, Parsifal and so on... and on.

The webdrone thought it would be sacreligious to name a server King Arthur, until one day when the scientist made a suggestion. "Since we have all these servers with Arthurian names, don't you think we should register"

Lo and behold, this domain began going under the name.

But, what vision should be shown to a viewer of this domain?

For years, nothing seemed appropriate. Nevertheless, the audience persisted. The servants started throwing mud against the wall to see what would stick. Because the servants didn't like taking IQ tests (or being asked about their IQ's), it was natural for an anti-IQ test to evolve on the wall of their cave... er, a... perhaps de-evolve would be a better word?

For years thereafter, the anti-IQ test has de-evolved.

The De-evolution of the anti-IQ test
... to be continued....

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First Generation anti-IQ Test | Next Generation anti-IQ Test | De-evolved anti-IQ Test
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