in Search of the Holy Grail

by Daniel Brouse

What am I doing here? From the earliest days of the world wide web, people have been asking about my affiliation with

First, I better clarify a couple things. Little is known about the real King Arthur. There was a man named Arthur that led the defense of Britain against the Saxon invaders in the early 6th century; however, Arthur did not refer to himself as a king. Arthur is connected to another historical figure of similar legendary and mythical status -- Jesus. Interestingly, others also referred to Jesus as a King, though Jesus did not call himself a king. (e.g. King of the Jews, King of Kings)

The Holy Grail is also thought to be a real object of legendary and mythical status that connects Jesus with Arthur. The earliest accounts explain "Joseph of Arimathea acquired the chalice of the Last Supper to collect Christ's blood upon his removal from the cross. Joseph is thrown in prison, where Christ visits him and explains the mysteries of the blessed cup. Upon his release, Joseph gathers his in-laws and other followers and travels to the west. He founds a dynasty of Grail keepers that eventually includes Perceval."

Joseph of Arimathea is believed to be the Uncle of Mary and also Uncle to Jesus or Jeshua. There is also quite a bit of confusion as to the "in-laws" that fled with Joseph. Was there one or two Mary(s)? The theory that involves me is the one that involves Mary Magdalene.

Over time men have lessened the role of women in history. In the middle ages, the Catholic Church eliminated most of the history of women in the church, but that is not thought to be the case with Mary Magdalene. The reason most people don't know Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus was to protect Mary after Jesus' death. Not only was her own life in jeopardy, but she was pregnant. The pregnant Mary Magdalene fled for their lives immediately after the crucifixion. Since she was secretly carrying Jesus' blood, she was code named "the grail" after the grail used to collect Christ's blood.

After 500 years, Jesus and Mary's blood arrived in Britain as Arthur, their long distant grandson. To have found Arthur is to have found the Holy Grail.

My family tree also includes this bloodline. Though this is not the reason I initially became associated with, it is the lesson I learned.

Somerled King Of The Isles (1158 AD)
Duncan I Eryvine, King Of England (1034 AD)
Rognvald I "The Wise" Eysteinsson Earl of More and Romsdal (830 AD)
Charlemagne King Of The Franks (742 AD)
Gerold I Count Of Vinzgau (710 AD)
Alpaide Concubine Of Austrasia (654 AD)
Eystein Adilsson King Of Sweden (594 AD)
Outeria Duchess Of Moselle (504 AD)
St. Columba, Cineal Conaill, the Tyrconell branch of Niall of the Nine Hostages (438 AD)
Basina Princess Of The Thuringians (398 AD)
Pharamond King Of France (370 AD)
Ynkvi King Of Turkey (aka Yngvi 193 AD)
Fornjotur King Of Kvenland (160 AD)
Halfilda Princess Of The RUGIJ (106 AD)
Godwulf Of Asgard (80 AD)

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