The Irwin/Irvine/Ervin/Erinvine/Eryvine line can be traced back to: Duncan I Eryvine, King Of England (1034 AD)
Rognvald I “The Wise” Eysteinsson Earl of More and Romsdal (830 AD)
Charlemagne King Of The Franks (742 AD)
Gerold I Count Of Vinzgau (710 AD)
Alpaide Concubine Of Austrasia (654 AD)
Eystein Adilsson King Of Sweden (594 AD)
Outeria Duchess Of Moselle (504 AD)

St. Columba, Cineal Conaill, the Tyrconell branch of Niall of the Nine Hostages (7 December 521 – 9 June 597)
In Ireland, the saint is commonly known as Colmcille. Colmcille is one of the three patron saints of Ireland, after Patrick and Brigid of Kildare.

Basina Princess Of The Thuringians (398 AD)
Pharamond King Of France (370 AD)
Ynkvi King Of Turkey (aka Yngvi 193 AD)
Fornjotur King Of Kvenland (160 AD)
Halfilda Princess Of The RUGI (106 AD)
Godwulf Of Asgard (80 AD)
Clodius II Clodie, King Of The West Franks (6BC – 20AD)
Francus King of West Franks (24 BC – 11 BC)
Antharius King of Sicambria (50 BC – 39 BC)
Cassander (75 BC)
Merodochus (100 BC)
Clodimir II (125 BC)
Atenor 111 (150 BC)
Clodius (175 BC)
Marcomir II (200 BC)
Nicanor (225 BC)
Clodomir (250 BC)
Diocles (275 BC)
Helenes IV (325 BC)
Priam IV (350 BC
Atenor II (370 BC)
Marcomir I (395 BC)
Chief Priest of Ephraim (420 BC)
Artenor King of Cimmerians (443 BC)
Priam III (475 BC)
Marcomir (505 BC)
Duluglio (535 BC)
Plaserio III (570 BC)
Helenus 111 (605 BC)
Diluglic (640 BC)
Almadien (675 BC)
Getmalor (710 BC)
Priam II (745 BC)
Alexandre (780 BC)
Basabiliano (815 BC)
Plesron (850 BC)
Helenus II (885 BC)
Priam I (920 BC)
Atenor I (950 BC)
Plaserio II (980 BC)
Gaberiano (1010 BC)
Eliacor (1040 BC)
Plesron (1070 BC)
Plaserio 1 (1100 BC)
Basabiliano (1130 BC)
Gelio (1160 BC)
Esdron (1190 BC)
Franco (1220 BC)
Genger (1250 BC)
Helenus I (1280 BC)
Priamos King of Troy (1320 BC – 1240 BC)
Laomendon (1380 BC)
Iilos oo Urydike (1440 BC)
Tros (1500 BC)
Erichtonios (1560 BC)
Dardo (1620 BC)
Zarah (1680 BC)
Judah (1750 BC)
Jacob (1825 BC)
Isaac (1900 BC)
Abraham (2000 BC)
Terah (2050 BC)
Nahor (2100 BC)
Serug (2150 BC)
Reu (2200 BC)
Peleg (2250 BC)
Eber (2300 BC)
Salah (2350 BC)
Arphared (2400 BC)
Shem (2443 BC)
Noah (2943 BC)
Lamech (3125 BC)
Methusala (3313 BC)
Enoch (3378 BC)
Jared (3540 BC)
Mahaleleel (3605 BC)
Cainan (3675 BC)
Seth (3870 BC)
Adam And Eve (4000 BC)

Drum Castle Irvine of Bonshaw
William de Irwin (d. 1333)
Alexander Irvine 2nd of Drum (d. 1380) Drum Castle
Alexander Irvine 3rd of Drum (d. 1410)
Alexander Irvine 4th of Drum (d. 1457)
Alexander Irvine 5th of Drum (d. 1493)
Alexander Irvine 6th of Drum (d. 1527)
Alexander Irvine 7th of Drum (d. 1553)
Alexander Irvine (d. in combat 1547)
Alexander Irvine 8th of Drum (d. 1603)
Alexander Irvine 9th of Drum (d. 1630)
Sir Alexander Irvine 10th of Drum (d. 1658)
James Irvine
Jared Irvine (1655 in Drum Castle, Dumfries, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - 1720 in Londonderry, Ulster, Ireland) and Jane Crichton Creighton (b. 1660)

Willaim Irwin fled to Ireland from Scotland because of religious persecution. 1718-1720 came to America with his 3 sons and 2 daughters to Mt. Holly, NJ

George Irwin (1685 in Londonderry, Ulster, Londonderry, Northern Ireland - November 29, 1748 in Brandywine Manor, West Nantmeal, Chester County, Pennsylvania) and Jane Irwin (Matlack - Hancock) (July 02, 1699 in Mt. Holly, Burlington, New Jersey, United States - June 25, 1748 in West Brandywine, Chester County, PA)
He came to America in 1718 with his family and settled first at Mt Holly, New Jersey. Moved to Honeybrook, Pa in 1738. His house stood until 1992 (a three-story structure.) A stone wall in Honeybrook built by George Irwin still stands.
Parents of William Irwin; Archibald Irwin; George Irwin; Francis Irwin; Jared Irwin; John Nathaniel Irwin; Mary Irwin and Letitia Irwin

George Irwin Jr (1728-1783)

Nathaniel Irwin a soldier of the Revolutionary War, was at the Paoli Massacre, born Dec. 28, 1757, died Apr. 17, 1836. (1757-1836)
IRWIN, Nathaniel, clergyman, born in Fagg's Manor, Chester County, Pennsylvania, 17 October, 1756; died in Bucks county, Pennsylvania, 3 March, 1812. He was graduated at Princeton in 1770, was ordained to the Presbyterian ministry in 1774, and was pastor of the Neshaminy church, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, front that year until his death. He was clerk of the "old synod" in 1781-'5, and moderator of the general assembly in 1801. Mr. Irwin was the first to encourage John Fitch, the steamboat builder, and the inventor's autobiography, which is now in the Philadelphia library in manuscript, is addressed "to the Reverend Nathaniel Irwin." Irwin combined great business shrewdness with devotion to his profession, and was an eloquent orator. He exercised much influence in local polities, and a caricature, printed at the time of the location of the Bucks county court house, represents him without his hat and in his shirt-sleeves, striving with all his might to pull the building in the direction of Doylestown.
Nathaniel Irwin was drafted into the Militia at the age of 19. The company organized at Gibbons Tavern in West Nantmeal Township in Chester County and marched from there to Philadelphia where the company mustered in July 4, 1776. At this time he served under his uncle, Captain Nathaniel Porter.
Burial: Forks of the Brandywine Seceder Cemetery

Peter Irwin (1790-1866)

John Thompson Pollock (1826-1909) married Emily Jane Irwin (1827-1910)
Owned a farm outside of Downingtown that he sold to the YMCA and became Camp Hilltop. Years later James and Christina Brouse worked and met at Camp Hilltop. John was also a blacksmith. He moved and built a house at 103 Brandywine Ave., Downingtown.
Parents of Mary Elizabeth, William Irwin, H. Attmore, John Edgar, Peter T., Jesse F., George H., Emily Jane

John Edgar Park Pollock (1858-1930) married Mary Maizie Bossert Gulyen/Guyn/Gwyn/Guyan (1859-1938)
Parents of John Thompson Pollock II

John Thompson/Thomas Pollock II (1884-1945) married Nellie J. Geiger (known as DoDo) (1880-1969)
Nellie was from Geigertown, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Nellie was the daughter of Roland Geiger (d. circa 1890 while moving between train cars) and Ammoe Evans Nellie and John were parents of Elizabeth Geiger, Paul, John

Paul Williams Brouse (1/15/1905 - July, 1976) married Elizabeth Geiger Pollock (1907 in Chester County, PA - died when James was a child in 1945)
Paul worked for U.S. Army Ordinance and US Post Office, Williamsport, PA
Parents of Paul Williams, Jr. and James Edward. (Paul Sr. remarried -- step siblings Joanne, Wayne, Gary)

Christina Margaret Armstrong (2/25/1937 - 2017) married James Edward Brouse (2/10/1932 - 2020)
Parents of David, Daniel, and Timothy

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