Hans Ada Braus (born in Asbach, Baden Germany in 1707 - d. 1784) married Anna Catherine Kuch (born in America in 1711)
Parents of Maria Margareda, Maria Barbara, Adam Jr. (born 1739 in Whitehall Township, Bucks County, PA died 1802 in Penn Township, Northumberland County, PA)

Adam Braus (1739-1802) married Catherine Rothermel (b 24 November 1745)
Parents of Johann Adam, Magdalene, Sussana, Peter, Catherine, Henry

Henry Braus (b. April 3, 1776 in Macungie Township, Northampton County, PA died August 1, 1854 burried in Reformed Cemetery, Kratzerville, Snyder County, PA)
Married Margaret Elizabeth Pontius (b. December 15, 1780 d. August 30, 1860)
Parents of Jonas, Henry Jr., and Benjamin

Benjamin Brous (1806-1876) married Elizabeth Treaster (1807-1860)
Parents of William Harrison, Samual, Lydia, Sarah

William Harrison Brouse (1831-1906) married Mary Madaline Young (b. October 1848 in Northumberland County, PA)
Mary was the daughter of David Young and Zippoah Ream. Came from Germany to Labanon, PA
Parents of William Jr. and David Young Brouse

William Harrison Brouse, Jr. (1870-1948) married Emma Victoria Williams (1880-1949) lived in Boalsburg, PA
Emma was the daughter of George Washington Williams (came from England) and married Maryann Moyer
Parents of Lester, Beryl (Womer), Frederick, Paul, James, Elizabeth (Stover), Dorothy (Myers)

Paul Williams Brouse (1/15/1905 - July, 1976) married Elizabeth Geiger Pollock (1907 in Chester County, PA - died when James was a child in 1945)
Paul worked for U.S. Army Ordinance and US Post Office, Williamsport, PA
Parents of Paul Williams, Jr. and James Edward. (Paul Sr. remarried -- step siblings Joanne, Wayne, Gary)

Christina Margaret Armstrong (February 25, 1937 - August 27, 2017 ) married James Edward Brouse (February 10, 1932 - February 9, 2020)
Parents of David, Daniel, and Timothy

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