Richard Whitman (Born 1570 in Lee, Buckinghamshire, England)
Father of Zachariah Whitman, Elizabeth (Whitman) Otis and John Whitman

Ensign John "The Ancestor" Whitman (Born 1602 in The Lee, Buckinghamshire, England Died 13 Nov 1692 in Weymouth, Suffolk (now Norfolk) County, Massachusettsmap) married about 1627 in England to Ruth Whitman (1610 - 1662)
Parents of Thomas Whitman, John Whitman, Sarah (Whitman) Jones, Mary (Whitman) Pratt, Elizabeth (Whitman) Green, Hannah (Whitman) French, Zachariah Whitman Sr., Abiah Whitman and Judith (Whitman) King

Rev. Zachariah Whitman Sr. (Born about 1644 in Weymouth, Suffolk, Massachusetts Bay - 1726) and Sarah (Alcock) Whitman (1650 - 1715)
Parents of Elizabeth Whitman, Zachariah Whitman Jr., John Whitman, Joanna Whitman, Samuel Whitman, Sarah Whitman, Mary (Whitman) Jacobs, John Whitman Esq and Eunice Whitman

Elder John Whitman Esq (Born 1688 in Hull, Suffolk, Massachusetts Bay Colony - 1772) and Dorcas (Green) Whitman (1684 - 1718)
Parents of Lucy Whitman and John Whitman
John had three wives:
Husband of Mary (Graves) Whitman — married before 1716
Husband of Dorcas (Green) Whitman — married about 1717
Husband of Margaret (Clark) Whitman — married 1719

John Whitman (1718 - 1763) married 6 Feb 1748 in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts Mercy (Foster) Whitman (1727 - 1812) [Daughter of Daniel Foster and Hannah (Clarke) Foster]
Parents of Dorcas (Whitman) McIntyre, Daniel Whitman, Hannah (Whitman) Tufts, Edward Whitman, John Whitman, Salome (Whitman) Parker, Elnathan Whitman, Jacob Whitman, Isaac Whitman, Abraham Whitman and Mercy (Whitman) Freeman
Mercy and her husband and children were part of a group of New England Planters who emigrated to Annapolis Township, 17 May 1760 on the sloop "Charming Molly." They brought 2 oxen, 10 sheep, 1 pig, 4 calves, and 6 lambs with them on the journey.

Edward Whitman (1752 - 1822) and Dorothy (Gates) Whitman (1755 - 1829) [daughter of Oldham Gates and Patience (Bartlett) Gates]
Parents of Oldham Armstrong Whitman, Edward Whitman, Mercy (Whitman) Kniffin, Jacob Whitman, Charles Whitman, Asaph Whitman, Lydia Whitman, James Whitman, Salome Whitman, Dorothea Whitman, Diadama Whitman and Margaret Whitman

George Armstrong (1784 - 1876) and Salome Whitman (1790 - 1872)
Parents of Edward Armstrong

Edward Armstrong (1824 -1901) married Sarah Ann (Currell) Armstrong (1829 - 1904)
Parents of Charles H Armstrong, Guilford Burton Armstrong, Lewis Armstrong, Alfred O Armstrong, Wallace R Armstrong, Ernest Howard Armstrong, Melbourne E Armstrong, Louisa J Armstrong and Rupert Otto Armstrong

Mary Beatrice Davis (1867 - 1949) married Dr. Melbourne Edward Armstrong (1866 - 1931)
Parents of Dr. Maurice Whitman Armstrong

Dr. Maurice Whitman Armstrong (1905 - 1967) married Irene Margaret MacDonald (1907 - 1988)
Parents of Sheila, Christina Margaret, Ainslie, and adopted brother John

Christina Margaret Armstrong (1937 - 2017) married James Edward Brouse (1932 - 2020)
Parents of David, Daniel, and Timothy

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