Alpaide Concubine Of Austrasia

Her father was Childebrand of Austrasia. Around 675 AD, she married Pepin “of Heristal” of Austrasia. They had at least two children, Childebrand I Prince of Austrasia and Karl Martel King of Austrasia.

Her grandmother was Alpaide (concubine) of Austrasia.

References About Austrasia
Austrasia is the name of a kingdom whose existence is documented from 511 to 751 AD. It is believed to have been in the area of present day France, Germany and Italy.

In 613, a rebellion by the nobility against Brunhilda saw her betrayed and handed over to her nephew and foe, king Clotaire II of Neustria. Austrasia and its neighbor, Neustria, became involved in constant disputes. Metz served as its primary capital, although some Austrasian kings ruled from Rheims.

Theodo married Regintrude d’Austrasie II, Princess of Austrasia. He moved his capital from Austrasia to Paris. It was a central location from which the kingdom could be governed more effectively. Regintrude d’Austrasie II, Princess of Austrasia was born circa 628.

Ancestors of Eugene Ashton ANDREW & Anna Louise HANISH Mayor Charles Martel AUSTRASIA ANDREW ANGERMUELLER HANISH …
Charles was the illegitimate son of Pepin of Herstal, who had brought the Frankish kingdom under the gegemony of Austrasia. This involved expeditions against the Saxons and the peoples of the land near the Rhine and the Danube.” After a short period of anarchy, his illegitimate son, Charles Martel, `the Hammer’, crushed all apposition in Neurstria, Burgundy, and Aquitainia. Also, in Austrasia he defeated the Arabs between Tours and Poitiers (732), led expeditions into Saxony, and was in all but name the sole king of the Franks.

Theuderic I of Austrasia was the Merovingian king of Reims and Austrasia around 511.

Charles (Charles-Martel) is known as ‘the Hammer’. His nickname came about as the famous Frankish commander who drove an Arab expeditionary force intent on seizing Gaul for the Caliphate back into Spain. In so doing, he very probably preserved Western Europe as a Romano-Teutonic and Christian region. After severe internecine warfare between Meroving Kings had resulted in long sequences of child-rulers, the Mayors assumed practical control over the entire state and, with the unification of Austrasia with Neustria, held the entire Frankish world in their hands. Dagobert I was the last active Merovingian to personally govern the entire realm.

Childebert II (570-595) was the king of Austrasia from 575 until his death in 595, the eldest and succeeding son of Sigebert I, and the king of Burgundy from 592 to his death, as the adopted and succeeding son of his uncle Guntram. When his father was assassinated in 575, Childebert was taken from Paris by Gundobald, one of his faithful lords, to Metz (the Austrasian capital), where he was recognized as sovereign.

The mistress of King Chilperic I of Neustria, she became his wife after inducing him to murder his wife Galswintha (567). After the death (511) of Clovis I, the kingdom was divided among his descendants into various kingdoms, which later became known as Austrasia, Neustria, and Burgundy. He succeeded (584) his father as king of Neustria, but his mother ruled for him until her death (597).

Austrasia, section of an ancient Frankish kingdom in present-day north-eastern France and south-eastern Germany. He became King of Austrasia in 623 and at the death of his father the sole queen of the Frankish kingdom known as Austrasia (in present-day north-east France and south-west Germany).

Ancestors and Family of Sigebert III, King of Austrasia
One of the first so-called rois fainéants (“sluggard kings”) of the Merovingian dynasty, who held no real power of his own but was ruled by whoever was his mayor of the palace. In 632, Dagobert I of the Franks, losing Austrasia to his nobles, put his three year old son Sigebert III on the throne, without the infamous Pepin I as his Mayor of Palace, however he was re-instated to the position some years later. Grimaud, the son of Pepin I, managed to convince the king to adopt his son Childebert.

Austrasia — Retrospectively, later historians have given this me to the kingdom of Theuderich I., of his son ieudebert, and of his grandson Theudebald (548 Pc 5); then, after the death of Clotaire I., to the kingdom of ge lebert, and of his son Chi!debert. This Franconia was in 843 included ~s the kingdom of Louis the German, and was then increased pl the addition of the territories of Mainz, Spires and Worms, Ti the right bank of the river. After the death th Dagobert, Austrasia and Neustria almost always had separate ~gs, with their own mayors of the palace, and then there arose Al real rivalry between these two provinces, which ended in the ea umph of Austrasia.

Selected Families/Individuals
Outeria Duchess of Moselle was born in 504 in Moselle, Austrasia, France.
Alpaide Concubine of Austrasia was born about 654 in Of, Heristal, Austrasia.
Berthe (Bertrade) Countess of Laon was born about 720 in, Laon, Austrasia.

Royal Family of Europe
Ansgarde Princess Of BURGUNDY was born about 844 in Aix-La-Chappelle, Austrasia.
Alpaide Concubine Of AUSTRASIA was born about 654 in Of, Herstal, Austrasia.
Gisaele Princess Of FRANCE was born about 864 in France.

She was born in Heristal, Liege, Belgien and died in Orplegrande monastery, Brabant, Vosges, France.

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