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Jay D Clark

There were a lot of great people at the Stir Fry Music Revival in Morrisville, PA, but one of the nicest was Jay D Clark. Jay is a singer, songwriter and musician from Philadelphia. His last album, Fall Of The City was a collaboration with Chuck Treece and released by Phillysmooth Productions. He's currently working on his next release which is also a project with Chuck Treece.

"The music has a pop flavor, but the lyrics are in-your-face," said Jay. "I want it to be accessible, yet to get people's attention to look at the world around them."

That is exactly what is delivered. The music has a smooth reggae flavor with lyrics that make you think. The album cover is of Jenna Adams looking over a scene of Center City Philly.

For Deuce
My Special
The Lost One
Worthy Cause
Whispers Devastation
The Lost One [Reprise]
Whispers Devastation


Jay D Clark Live at the Stir Fry Music Revival

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